Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Stitch Fix Review

It has been almost two years since my last Stitch Fix. That is a long time. I wasn't entirely thrilled with my last one, so I cancelled my subscription for a while. Then about a month ago, a friend was raving about her latest fix and gave me the itch. So I signed up for another fix. SO glad I did.

its like Christmas morning - i love getting 
packages in the mail!

I loved everything Kaylee sent. She did such a great job of choosing things that aren't something I would typically pick for myself, but looked good none the less and were comfortable - Exactly what I asked for. If my budget had not been shot this month (oops, sorry hubby), I would have purchased the entire fix.

on point.

The first item was a tank top, RD Style - Wilton Knit Tank, $44. The material was not the best quality, but the tank was super cute. Also, although the photos don't show so well, actually quite flattering. The print was super cute as well. I kept this shirt.

The Jeans in this photo were also part of the fix. Just Black - Rogers Distressed Boyfriend Jean, $78. These jeans were unbelievably comfortable. Like, I could have easily crawled around on the floor chasing after my two year old in these just as well as I do in sweats. But, like I said, I blew my budget this month, so I couldn't justify that much for a pair of jeans, especially since I have two pair very similar already in my closet.

The next item in the fix was Market & Spruce - Alexi Dress, $74. Again, super comfy... AND POCKETS! I mean, come on. Who doesn't love a dress with pockets. I fully expected to not like the way I looked in this dress. Dresses with a waist like this typically do not look good on me. But, alas, I put it on and immediately thought, "self, you look good... crap." I wavered between keeping this and the tank. I settled on the tank because of the price. Wish I could have kept this though!

Next up, Renee C Juniper Dress, $54. When I pulled this one out of the box, I thought, "nope." But then I tried it on, and gosh darnit if this dress wasn't super cute. And look how thin I look! You bet your bottom I kept this beauty.

OH how I wish I could have kept this one. The Brixon Ivy - Ronan Maxi Dress, $78. Was slightly too small, enough so that I wouldn't have been comfortable in it for long periods of time. However, even though small, it was still flattering. And so cute! If only.

So, I ended up keeping two items out of this fix, even though I would have LOVED to keep it all. Based on this fix, I HIGHLY recommend getting yourself a Stitch Fix. I know lots of people who have loved it, and I definitely will be getting another one soon. And hopefully I can be disciplined enough to wait and spend my clothing budget on this!

Disclaimer: My son chose the shoes for each outfit. I think he did a pretty darn good job!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

My Quilting Inspriration

I have spoke a bit about the inspiration behind my quilting story here, but what triggered it is a whole other story. Quite a funny one, I think. It began in 2009. I was working in Internet Marketing, and my job at that time (it changed a lot at that company) was to scour the internet for blogs, websites, etc that were getting lots of hits, that we could possibly use as inspiration for a landing page. I stumbled upon home decor blogs first, which was my first interaction with blogs. I fell in love. Somehow, through those decor blogs, I found Thimble Blossoms, V & Co, and Fig Tree. And so it began.

Now, I have always loved crafting and decorating. My major in college started out as Interior Design and then moved to Fashion Merchandising. (I didn't graduate with either of those degrees....) I would not say that I am the most creative person, but I love to make things pretty and make pretty things. As I said in the previous post, I have a bit of a sewing background, but I certainly was not great. So, obviously I was going to be able to quilt. It was not going to be an issue at all. Except the opposite of that - I just had this weird confidence that this was going to be a breeze. (Kind of like I had confidence that I was totally going to be able to knock out a double wedding ring quilt for my brother and new sister in law for their wedding in a year.... That didn't happen. A story for another time.)

So, I started out on my quilting journey and I have these wonderful ladies (and a job that literally gave me free reign to scour the internets) to thank for inspiring me to pick up my sewing machine, spend as much money as I could get away with on fabric, and get my sewing on. To this day, their fabric lines are my favorite and I try to have at least a little bit of every line that they put out. I do have loves for other lines, and companies, but I will always hold a special place in my heart for these ladies and their beautiful eye for aesthetics.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review of Stitch Fix: First Fix

My first Stitch Fix arrived, and let me tell you, I was beyond excited! I have read all the reviews out there and I could. not. wait. to get mine in the mail. It came on Friday night - after I had already left for dinner, so I didn't get to open it until I got home. I could barely contain myself as I opened the box and pulled out each piece.

Here is what I got in Stitch Fix #1:

1. Dear John Kelli Slim Bootcut Jeans   $78

Kelli Slim Bootcut Jean

I really loved these jeans. I wasn't sure I would when I took them out. They are kind of a forest green-teal color. But they looked soooo adorable on! I tried to somewhat match the first outfit on the card, minus the jacket, with clothes I already had.

Full disclosure... that "scarf" is actually leggings... I didn't
have a grey scarf!
I ended up not getting these only because I had just bought 3 pair of Levi's jeans about 3 weeks prior and just couldn't justify spending another $78 on jeans. I absolutely loved the way they looked, fit, everything. They even got the length right, which never happens.

2. Collective Concepts Esten Button-up Sleeveless Blouse   $58

Ugh. I loved this blouse as well. Great fit, great color. Would be a very versatile peice...

Should have tried it without the sweater.
My only issue with this is that the material didn't feel worth $58. Also, It is very hard for me to justify spending that much on a tank top. Super cute though and had it been about $20 less, I would have bought it.

3. Fun2Fun Colibri Heart Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse   $48

Colibri Heart Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse

As soon as I took this out of the box, I knew I would be keeping it. The fabric is SO. SOFT. I love the print and this is the type of shirt that I always wanted to buy, but can never find the one that looks right. This is it. So flippin' cute and comfortable. Normally, I hate three-quarter inch sleeves, but this, when not buttoned, hits mid forearm and isn't tight. That is key. 3/4" sleeves are ALWAYS too tight in the sleeves for me.

I wore this to dinner with a friend last night. I took Matthew
and was comfortable the whole time, even dealing with an infant!

This was obviously one of the things I ended up purchasing. Plus - It is navy blue, my favor-ite color!

4. 41 Hawthorn Rowson Colorblock Striped Sweater   $58

Rowson Colorblock Striped Sweater

I had seen this sweater on quite a few other Stitch Fix reviews. Sure, it was nice looking, but it was a sweater. I have lots of sweaters. I didn't think this would be something I would keep. Then I tried it on.

I. Love. It. It is so comfy. So soft. And those sleeves... They are extra long! I LOVE this attribute in a sweater. A sleeve that I can pull down mid thumb, yes please. You bet your tush I kept this sweater. And wore it Saturday night.

5. Bay to Baubles Addison Three Set Stud Earrings   $38

I forgot to take a photo of these. They were cute, but I didn't need any more stud earrings. I didn't even try these on.

Verdict: Love. If I hadn't gone over my monthly clothing budget the last two months, I would have purchased this whole box. The total, had I kept everything, would have been $190. That includes the 25% off for purchasing all 5 items.

I never. ever. spend more than $30 on an item of clothing. It is just not something we do in our household. If we find something we love, and it costs more than $30, we will wait until it goes on sale. Case in point, I just got a pair of shoes in the mail... Originally $125, I spent $29. However, I originally signed up for monthly fixes thinking that if necessary I could cancel (when I found out how much it would cost)... Not gonna happen. I love this and will definitely be getting monthly fixes! Completely worth the price in my opinion.

Want to sign up? Visit Stitch Fix and fill out all the information. It is worth it, please trust me on this! (Yes, if you go through that link, I will get a referral credit... And love you forever!)

P.S. please disregard the poorly decorated room in the background. We are getting ready to paint and it is not decorated at. all.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Inspired Tablescape

I love this season. Love. Love. Love. The whether starts getting cooler, the clothes get cuter, we get to pull out boots!, the smells are amazing (pumpkin spice? cinnamon? apple pie? yum! p.s. I don't like to eat anything pumpkin or apple pie, odd?), Christmas is around the corner. Autumn is just the culmination of all things wonderful.

While meandering my way around Pinterest I found this gorgeous fall centerpiece. I thought to my self, "Self... Hubband could totally make that there box." So I showed it to him and said, "Please, pretty please, will you make this for me." And he said, "Of course, beautiful wife, I would be thrilled to make that for you." (Full disclosure: None of our conversations sound like that. More along the lines of, me: "Hey, Man, can you make this?" husband: "Probably." Me: "So... Will you?" husband: "I'll think about it." And then we go to Home Depot and I talk him in to buying wood for it and then he has a break before his Iowa game starts and decides to make me the pretty wooden box).

So, the man made me the pretty box and I decorated the pretty box. And I made that table runner without measuring first and that is why it is so small.... Woopsie!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Baby Boy or Neutral Nursery

When we found out I was pregnant with Matthew, we were living in a little apartment in Boulder, with none of our stuff. It was not entirely conducive to a first trimester. We were trying to sell our home back in KS, and waiting for that to happen before we could buy one in CO. I thought for sure I would be bringing home a newborn baby to a tiny apartment that didn't look like us at all. It was quite nerve wracking.

Fast forward a month and a half (I am 10 weeks pregnant) and Scott surprises me with a flight home to see my friends and family. I stayed the first night I was back in our home in Leawood. I was finally home, oh how I had missed a home, vs. just a place to live. Ironically enough, however, as soon as I get off the plane in Kansas City, I turn on my phone and there are three texts from Scott. The house was basically sold, they were just working out the details and he wanted to get my approval. I was of course, sad, but at the same time, happy that I would be bringing my little tiny person home to a home.

We moved into our CO home the week of Thanksgiving 2012. I immediately started planning our babies room. I knew I wanted it to be dark navy/grey, regardless of whether we were having a boy or a girl. I knew I would want to make a quilt, pillows, a poof, and mobile for this room, but I figured I would get around to that when the "nesting" phase of my pregnancy came around. Little did I know that I would never actually have a nesting phase. I also found this ironic, considering how I sometimes have nesting phases when I am not with child.

So the 8th month of pregnancy rolls around and I had finally gone fabric shopping for Matthew's room. We had already painted his room, and done some decorating. I had sheets for his crib and a few blankets that I had gotten from my aunts at the baby shower, but other than that, his room didn't have any character. So, fabric shopping I went. I didn't really have a plan, other than I knew I wanted to make pillows and I knew the sort of colors I wanted. I came away with lots of fabric. Some fabric that went well, some that I just thought looked baby-ish and some that I just loved.

I will have future posts of how I made all the things I made for his bedroom. The list includes pillows, pouf, changing table top, changing table basket, two mobiles, crib skirt, quilt....

This is what we ended up with. Matthew's nursery. I could not love it more. It is a perfect mix of baby boy, toddler boy, and something that can easily grow with him. This could also, if we had wanted to wait to find out his gender, be a gender-neutral space. Although I didn't mean to, it ended up being a play on primary colors.

isn't my baby adorable?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fabric Love

I mentioned here how much I love quilting fabrics. There are times when I just simply cannot give up a fabric that I have found. My favorite fabric artist is, without a doubt, Fig Tree Quilts. Her fabrics are so beautiful. To me, they have a feel of the patterns on fabrics from a century or two ago, but with a modern twist. Every time she comes out with a new line, it immediately goes on my list of fabrics to buy.

Fig Tree Quilts: Honeysweet | source

Fig Tree Quilts: Buttercup | source

Fig Tree Quilts: Tapestry | source

Fig Tree Quilts: California Girl | source

I also love love LOVE Bonnie & Camille. I have followed Camille's blog for years now. I love her style and so when I found her fabrics, I immediately fell in love. Together with her mother, they have 8 fabrics lines! I have only bought a few, but I love them all. They are so fun and whimsical. Looking at these fabrics really puts a smile on your face.

Bonnie & Camille: Marmelade | source

Bonnie & Camille: April Showers | source

Bonnie & Camille: Happy Go Lucky | source

Bonnie & Camille: Scrumptious | source

I have followed Vanessa at V & CO for years, but just recently found her fabrics. They are so beautiful, the perfect mix of timeless and modern. And the colors, yum yum yum! I am currently tackling my hardest quilt yet and these fabrics are helping me out with it.

V & CO: Simply Style | source

There are lots and lots of wonderful quilting fabrics out there. These are just a few of the ones I am currently craving/loving/needing. My favorite shops to buy quilting fabric online are Fat Quarter Shop, Green Fairy Quilts and Southern Fabric. I also love to search Etsy for fabrics that might not be available in the other shops any longer.